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You're My Lady


You're My Lady is a inspirational/gospel comedy stage play, written, directed, & starring the man who brought you Mr. Steal Kill & Destroy, Award Winning Comedian/Playwright, Chris Clark. YML tells the story of the Nesbitt children, who comes home to Philadelphia for the 45th wedding anniversary of their parents, Charles (played by Chris Clark) & Deloris Nesbitt.  Charles & Deloris have three children that deals with their own personal problems in life. Their son Dr. Andre Nesbitt (played by Darold Lingo, "Roman"), deals with his lack of faith in God, due to his wife, Dr. Cassandra Nesbitt (played by Shareen Nelson, "Put A Ring on It"), being ill, which causes friction between he and his father. Lisa, their eldest daughter, deals with obesity, self confidence, and metal illness (depression), which is destroying her marriage to Leon, the new district attorney in Houston, TX. Then there's Kimberly, the youngest of the Nesbitt children, now living in Atlanta, whose addictive lifestyle and bad luck with men, especially Maurice Washington, puts her family in danger. Charles and Deloris intervenes in each of their children's lives to remind  them that with God anything is possible and his LOVE never fails. The play also involves a host of other characters, such as everybody's favorite hustler, Lawrence Barkley (Chris Clark) and the not so bright, Barry Cunningham (played by award winning actress, Tasha Powell), who brings the comedic flavor to the show. You're My Lady is a perfect production for the married and single, young and old, saved and unsaved.


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