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Chris Clark

The Playwright


Ever since Chris was a young boy, he always had the gift to create characters. Always acting out scenes from movies, T.V. shows, or plays that he seen, while putting his own twist to it to make it his own. So it was only right for him to become an actor. Bursting out on the theater scene in 2002, Chris quickly became known for his multiple role performances. In one particular stage play, he played four roles and no one knew all four characters was him. From then on, he was known as "Mr. Entertainment". With the ups and downs of the theater scene, Chris grew tired of not having enough work, broken promises, or not getting the credit he deserved. So, in 2006, Chris decided to become a stand up comedian and quickly rose to become a household name, winning multiple awards for comedian/entertainer of the year. But Chris never forgot about his first love , acting. Chris wanted to return to the acting scene, but he wanted to do it his way. So in 2012, he decided to write is first stage play "Mr. Steal Kill & Destroy". In just four days with God's guidance, Chris finished MSKD, deputing it on June 1, 2013 and Chris Clark Entertainment was born. Having over 700 people combined in his first two shows, MSKD became known all over the country, touring the east coast, and was nominated for stage of the year with the Gospel Image Awards and Church Stars. In 2015 MSKD earned Chris the "Entertainer of the year" award. Chris' sophomore project "You're My Lady", was a breathe of fresh air, which is nominated for stage play of the year and has gotten Chris nominated for Playwright of the year. Chris is now touring with his newest hit stage play, "I Called the Old". Chris' mission is for people of all walks of life, to be educated, inspired, and entertained through his work, all while giving God the glory.

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