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Mr. Steal Kill & Destroy

Mr. Steal Kill & Destroy, a gospel stage play, that is written, directed, & produced by Chris Clark. Being birthed from the scripture John 10:10, MSKD was deputed on June 1, 2013 in Bridgeton, NJ, where it received GREAT reviews. MSKD tells the story of the Watson family, a God fearing family, who goes through a serious of thrilling events. Chris, gives a stellar performance as Lucifer as he manipulates the Watsons' to keep them out the will of of God. MSKD also brings awareness to diabetes, gang violence, peer pressure, and marriage. Chris also plays Lawrence Barkley, the fun energetic, street hustling, best friend to the lead character Darnell Watson. Chris surrounded himself with a dynamic cast that brings this play to life. Not only does this play have a powerful message, it also has anointed singing of songs also written by Chris Clark. This play will have you laughing, crying, educated, and jumping with joy.

Purchase Chris Clark's Mr. Steal Kill & Destroy                        The DVD

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