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My Story

Ever since Chris was a young boy he's been making people laugh, sometimes not on purpose. It's just his personality. Often he would get in trouble with his antics but it would always make someone’s day. Chris starting acting at a very young age, being in church plays, having small roles but always he was the most memorable character. He fell in love with the art of theater and automatically knew that's what he wanted to pursue in his life.


In 2003, Chris was in a play called “Momma You Need the Lord Too”, where he met Minister/Comedian Buddy Love.  Buddy Love recognized the gift of comedy in Chris so he approached Chris about pursuing a career in stand-up comedy. Chris kindly turned him down, saying "I don't want to get booed". For years Buddy Love kept approaching Chris about doing stand-up comedy, telling Chris "God has giving you a gift for you to share with the world".


It wasn't until September 2006, when Chris finally grabbed the microphone as a comedian, winning $250 in the talent competition. Chris realized that he wanted to be on stage bringing joy to people, plays alone wasn't fulfilling his desire. Chris loved seeing people smile from his jokes. From then on Chris would do open mic nights, open up for stage productions, and anywhere else the people would hear him do his comedy.


Comedy wasn’t paying the bills on a regular basis and in 2007 Chris did some soul searching. He was a father of a one-year-old baby girl, and he desired to make a better life for his child and have a consistent income to provide for his daughter. He decided to be a Corrections Officer and signed up for a boot camp training. Not in boot camp long, Chris came home one weekend and did a comedy show in the city of brotherly love, Philadelphia, PA, with his mentor Buddy Love. As Chris was performing, the crowd was really feeling it that night, laughing constantly. It was at that moment Chris truly understood his passion. So that following Monday, with the desire of being a Corrections Officer gone, Chris prayed to God for clear direction for his purpose in life.  God answered him by connecting his passion to his purpose, to use his talents to bring joy to people through comedy


Trusting in God, Chris walked away from being a Corrections Officer and stepped out in faith and started his journey as a Christian Comedian. In 2008, he married his high school sweetheart, Brittni Torres and became a father again to a baby boy, Chris Jr. Chris also started his own entertainment company, Chris Clark Entertainment. As the years went on, Chris became a household name, winning multiple awards in theater and comedy, all while giving God the glory for his talent and many blessings. In 2010 the Clark family welcomed their 3rd child Isaiah.


Currently Chris travels out of country and all over Country to bless people with laughter. Chris’ goal is for people to see his passion for Christ and his desire to serve Him and His people.  Chris often shares that if you keep the faith and seek ye first the Kingdom of God, all his righteousness will be added to you. If you ask Chris why Christian Comedy, he stands in conviction as he shares that God gave it to him and now he is giving it back.  Chris is a true example that if you put God first, your passion can become your purpose and that purpose will bring God glory! 

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